Carlby 9307-C

Carlby 9307-C

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The Carlby 9307-C with catalytic converters. 84.7% efficient and Defra approved with a nominal rating of 7 kW and maximum output of 8 kW. The extended height of the Carlby provides a tall glass door, perfect for showing off its impressive fireball effect, enveloping the entire firebox. The addition of catalytic converters, aids complete combustion, lowers CO emissions and improves efficiency.

Many hours of design and prototyping supported by over 100 years of experience in the heating industry have resulted in Burley’s production of theĀ  cleanest and most efficient wood burning stoves.

Additional information

Size WxHxD

450 x 856 x 425

Flue Size

150 mm

Heat Output


Fuel Type

Wood Burning

DEFRA Approved